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"Thank you for your intense efforts to meet my deadline. The results not only met, but exceeded my expectations."

- from a client whose webmaster moved at a critical time for the website.

Here's what we've been doing lately...


Online Registrations

We have developed a very powerful and flexible online registration tool.  Registration can be customized to meet your exact needs.

Our system includes Event Managment, Individual Registration, Group Registration, Exhibit Registration & Managment and Onsite support.


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Custom Registration

This custom on-line Registration module includes:

Event Management
  • Event name/description/event dates/registration dates
  • Modular design and fully customizable
  • Multiple options Event tickets
  • A variety of event discounts
Individual Registration
  • Attendee profile that can be tracked across multiple events
  • Basic contact/demographic information
  • Ticket type selection
  • Meal plan selection
  • On-line payment
Club Registration
  • Allows single payment for tickets for the entire club
  • Offers contact/demographic information for both the club and club director
  • Allows for single person management of group
Individual/Club Management
  • Admin dashboard
  • Reports (age, gender, demographics, ticket type, financial . . . )
  • Attendee/club search (by name, id, email . . . )
  • Manage attendee’s profile (payment, upgrades/additions, cancellations, resend confirmation email)
Exhibit Registration and Management
  • Allows an attendee to purchase an exhibit
  • Assists Administrator create exhibit “packages”
  • Barcode scanning via SU registration app
  • Attendee check-in
  • Badge printing

Adventists InStep For Life

A prominent church denomination asked us to create a tool that would allow it's church members to record their exercise activity.

The interface is straight forward and easy to use.  Each member can quickly add the type of exercise they did from a comprehensive activity list, the unit of measurement (duration, miles, etc.) the value (e.g. if the member chose duration, the value would ask for minutes) and the date that the member exercised on.

We developed a mobile app that make is convienet for members to keep track of their exercise acivity.  We've also integrated fitbit automatic reporting of exercise into this custom tool as well.

If you are looking for custom apps that work great, let's build something.

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Members Portal Page

Members have their own login portal to manualy report their exercise stats, or see the automatic stats from the exercise tracking devices recorded in their individual profile.

Graphs have been added to help the each member see their personal progress, their Pathfinder Club progress (if they are in a club) and the totla organizational progress.

The tool also tracks members BMI.  Each time they record their activity, they can adjust their height and weight and see how their BMI is changing.

The backend interface has powerful tools that makes it easy for admins to manage users and organizations.  Admins can also manage the Goals and see the Collective, Organization and Individual Progress.


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