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Here's what we've been doing lately...


Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

ACM hired us to re-envision their old websites and create a new Chaplain Management Database. The objective was to create a beautiful mobile friendly website that worked seamlessly with a new database and our easy-to-use CMS. In all we built:

    · A new database.

    · An online signup form.

    · A friendly administrative interface.

    · Three mobile friendly website designs.

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New Database

The database was rewritten from the ground up to integrate fully with the website and provides an end-to-end solution for the chaplain management cycle. A chaplaincy candidate can apply on the website and the form submits directly into the database. Then administrators can easily review the applications, make notes and set the status to keep track of where each application is in the process of approval. After they are approved Chaplains can submit their yearly reports online, sign up for upcoming events, and sign-up/request resources to help with their various duties.

Administrators can easily communicate with the chaplains by filtering the list and sending them a message with the SimpleUpdates.com newsletter module right from their website.

New Website Designs

ACM runs three separate websites to serve their constituents. They wanted each site to have a unique look that would be attractive and allow their visitors to easily access the information most important to them. We created three mobile friendly designs that were distinct and adapted to each of their constituent demographics. For example, one of the sites allows visitors to use an integrated search to find a chaplain in their area while another allows members to sign up for various magazines and support resources.


Sabbath School 3 App

When the client approached us, they didn't just want to update their app. They wanted a fresh new look that took advantage of the touch experience of mobile devices. They wanted something unique, intuitive, and fun. For this project we:

    · Created a new iOS app with a unique user interface

    · Set up user settings migration from the old app to the new app.

    · Developed a backend tool that allows the client to easily update the content of the app from their website.

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New App Design

The client wanted an interface that a user could dive into instead of sliding between sections. We conceptualized the interface with animated mockups that allowed the client to get a feel for how the interface would work. When he was happy with the mockups we created the new app.

App Migration

Because this was a complete overhaul of a previous application the data needed to be migrated over. We updated the old application to recognize the presence of the new App and to initiate the migration process. This way whether a user opened the old or the new, they would be able to move their data over and then use the great new features while keeping their notes and bookmarks.

Web Module

The Sabbath School App is centered around a series of weekly lessons that are created for various age groups in the Seventh-day Adventist church. Thus the data in the App needs to be updated on a regular basis. Pushing out new updates every quarter had previously been done manually. This was an error-prone process so we created a web module that allows the Sabbath School department to easily update the App from their website.

If you would like to see and learn about more Apps we have created, head on over to our Apps page.


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