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Happy Customers

"The SU content management system has always been so intuitive. Even if I don’t know how to do something I can figure it out."

- from a pastor who does all his own website updates, and recently upgraded to a mobile friendly theme.

Here's what we've been doing lately...

Big Updates Are Here!

We have some exciting news about the new CMS software we are building. SimpleUpdates has been creating website builder software for over 15 years, and now we are unveiling the future of content management systems. We have been working on the next big thing for several years now, and I can give a shout out to all our employees and contractors who each day put so much care and effort into making this new version entirely simple and wonderfully new and cutting edge.

And thank you for your interest in SimpleUpdates! Many of you have been faithful customers for years, and how the Internet has changed over the past 18 years of our company's history. I really appreciate your being "fans" of SimpleUpdates, not just a "customer".


First off, take a look at the SimpleUpdates 2017 promo video, and get an idea of some of the new features of our website builder!


As you saw in the video, a lot of exciting things are coming in SimpleUpdates 2016. We have started over with a clean slate, and built new code from the ground up. And we love it.  Let's look more specifically at each of these areas.

Admin Menu

​I can't wait to show you the new admin menu. Our user testing and customer feedback clearly told us that our old CMS navigation was too complex and had too many options. We carefully listened. We have moved the administrative options to the vertical side menu (which is always available). The top horizontal admin bar has been simplified as well. To collapse or expand the nav items, you can click the hamburger icon in the top left of the admin bar.


Page Editor

Making updates to your website could not be simpler. When you click edit on a page, the setting side panel is on the right, and you can edit the title in the setting panel or on the page itself. The text entry is truly intuitive. You can drag and drop an image from your computer or upload from your mobile device. If you want to add a photo gallery, just do the same copy & drag with several images at once.

You can add forms, media, calendar lists and more into you pr content page. Just click into the text and the click on the add block symbol in the left margin. Blocks will allow you to add complex tools to your page in a visual way.

To change text formatting or add a link to some existing text, just highlight it, and the text formatting dialog will appear right over the selection. You can select a text style, bold, italic, etc.

While we are talking about the new text editor, check or the unlimited history of page edits. You could preview and roll back to any previous version of the page.

If you need to select a new layout for a page, that is easy as well! In the setting sidebar, click the advanced tab, and at the top, select Layouts. Here you will see each layout as a graphical icon. Select the layout you want, and it will immediately apply around your content.

There is another exciting new feature that I want to show you on the settings sidebar. The Featured Image is one image that can be used by the layout as a header graphic. It could be used as a thumbnail for an article list, and will have many more uses into the future. We would like to suggest that all sites get acquainted with and consistently supply the featured image. Let me show you how cool this is.

This layout has a place for a header graphic. It comes with a theme placeholder, but once you place in your own featured image on a page, you have a graphical header specifically related to your content. Some times the featured image would display as long and narrow. Other times it would be tall. To handle all of this automatically, we have a focal point circle. With the focal point you can set where on the picture you want the visitor to see no matter if the picture is tall in one place or wide in another.



When Can You Get SU2017?

Some of you may be thinking, how soon could I have this software power my Website? The answer is right now! We are still adding features, but have several sites using the new software right now. If you want the latest and greatest, just contact us, and we can get you going with a SU2017 site!

Terminology Updates

If you have been very observant, you will have noticed we are using some new terms to describe the SimpleUpdates 2017 website builder. Our new terms are more inline with other CMS's. If you are just starting with SimpleUpdates, our terms will just make sense. But if you are a long time SimpleUpdates user, you will want to start using the new terms:

  • "Pages" instead of "Articles". Not every page you may create would come up to the standard of being an article. Page is a more appropriate term.
  • "Blocks" instead of "Tokens". Blocks are visual elements you can configure in your page. You can insert a mini calendar, a list of upcoming events, a table or gallery as a block.
  • "Collections" instead of "Modules". Collections can be blog posts, store products, etc. It is focusing on the idea of collecting similar things together.
  • "Themes" instead of "Templates". A theme is the look and feel of your website. Themes are a collection of layouts which have specific text and image arrangements for various pages.
  • "Layouts" instead of "Templates". As clarified in the previous point, layouts are specific arrangements of text and images within a theme. One layout may show a page with a text area with a sidebar on the right. Another layout may have a wide open text are with no sidebars.