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Build Your App with Us

Whether your idea is just that, or an animated highly detailed mockup, we can help bring your ideas to life. We specialize in connecting websites and mobile apps so you can update your SimpleUpdates website and your app at the same time.

What does an app cost?

That really depends on what you want the app to do. We have built apps for as little as a $1000. and, of course for more, all based on the complexity to program the app. Note that we code apps directly in their native hardware languages, not an emulator that exports marginal code to both mobile platforms at the same time. This means that if you want an iOS and an Adroid app, the cost is not double but all the code is unique. It is likely 1.8x the cost of one app platform. Check out our app cost calculator.

Also note that apps are not build-it-and-forget-it software. Devices keep changing and their operating systems keep being updated. In our experience you should budget to update your app each 1 to 1.5 years.


What kind of Apps have we developed?

We are so glad you asked. Here are several we have built with our customers:

Name Apple iOS App Android App
Adventist News Network Download Download
Bible Info Download n/a
Camporee 2019 Download Download
EGW Writings Download Download
Family Worship Download n/a
General Conference Youth Ministries Download n/a
GMC Parking Download Download
Generation. Youth. Christ. Conference Download Download
InStep Download Download
Ministry Magazine Download Download
Mission 365 app Download Download
NAD Family Ministries Download Download
NY13 Download Download
SDA Finder (NAD church locator) Download Download
SpiritRenew Download Download
Youth Ministries Download Download
WAUS Radio App Download Download
WSJL Radio App Download Download

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about Apps, but there are two we get more than any other. The first one of course is how much does it cost? We have put together a handy little App cost calculator that you can use to give you a ballpark idea of cost. Keep in mind though, that this is only an estimate based on experience with a lot of other projects and not knowing exactly what your idea is.

The other question we are asked is "Do I really need an App?" This is a really good question and one we wish more people would ask. It boils down to if the app will give your users something the website cannot. We have put together an article to help you with this question and with fleshing out other important questions you should consider when it comes to creating an App.

Developer Accounts

Every App must be produced under a developer account. If your App is a paid app or uses in-app purchases, then you will need to supply us with your own account. If your app is free, we can publish it under the developer accounts. This gives you the added advantage of being under the umbrella of an experienced developer and giving your app wider exposure.


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