Why You Need Simple Updates


Why You Need Simple Updates


Let us show you how SimpleUpdates can help you manage your site.

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SimpleUpdates CMS is an easy-to-use system that allows the webmaster to focus on the vision of the website rather than be the "gate-keeper" or having to do all of the "grunt work" of putting content into the site.

You need SimpleUpdates.com because it can help you in 5 specific ways:

  • Encourages a team approach to website maintenance
  • Makes complex tasks simple
  • It has great modules built right in
  • Allows the webmaster to focus on the site goal and mission rather than just entering content
  • It offers an editor interface so simple, any one can use and love it.


We have included some additional resources that are easy to add to your site:

  • Map link with driving instructions to your location
  • Local weather (current and forecast options)
  • All of your website is automatically mobile device compatible.
  • Adventist News Network highlights
  • PlusLine.org Resources and News
  • Google Search
  • Weekend sunset times (automatically entered on the calendar).

With a simple select box, you can automatically add complex functions to your site.