Hosting Fees & Services


Hosting Fees & Services

SimpleUpdates Content Management System:

  • Cost: $19.95 /mo subscription
  • Term: Quarterly, semi-annual or annual. (Month to month available with recurring credit card billing.)
  • Includes: SimpleUpdates core CMS software, website hosting, Google Apps email addresses on your domain name, ongoing email/ticket support, use of help site and demo site, and new CMS features we regularly make available.
  • A support plan is required.

SimpleUpdates Multimedia Upgrade:

  • Cost: $10 upgrade to a total of 29.95 /mo subscription
  • Adds: one HTTP / WM9 streaming media account: 1,000 megs (1 gig) media storage for archived, or 5 gigs data transfer for live media.

Custom Graphic Design:

  • Our in-house graphic designers, or one of our partners in your area can assist you with a custom design specifically suited to your needs. Call for more information and a quote.

Additional services are available, such as domain name registration, shopping cart setup, additional content migration, graphic design, additional email boxes, and more.

Visit Set-up and Support Plans here. You may also be interested to read our payment and financial policy.

Note: We are happy to come up with custom packages to perfectly suit your needs. Just contact us.


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