Media Account: Disk Space and Bandwidth


Media Account: Disk Space and Bandwidth
. offers a stand alone media server as an optional upgrade to your hosting account.

We have two media options:
  • Archived media
  • Live media

Archived Media (or website large file storage) Costs:

With archived media, you will upload your media files to the media server via FTP, and link to them from your SimpleUpdates website. We bill for archived media by the disk space used to store the media files. If media files are no longer needed, they could be removed from the media server to decrease cost.

Note: Videos encoded by will work on mobile devices e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Minimum charge is $10 for an archived media account which includes 1 gig of storage space.

Charges for additional storage space
  Amount of storage Cost per gig
  up to 4 gigs $5
  5 to 9 gigs $4
  10 or more gigs $3

The amount of storage is rounded up, so 4.5 gigs would be billed as 5 gigs of storage.

Live Media Costs:

When you are serving live media, there is no server file storage, so we bill by the use of bandwidth of the media stream.

We charge a minimum $10 for an live media account which includes 5 gigs of transfer.

Charges for additional transfer:
  Amount of bandwidth Cost per transferred gig
  up to 10 gigs $2
  11 to 20 gigs $1.50
  above 20 gigs $1