The Advantages of Using SimpleUpdates

The Advantages of Using SimpleUpdates
We know that you have a lot of options when looking at a website provider, and we appreciate the opportunity to explain why SimpleUpdates is your best choice.

Our system is secure
  1. SimpleUpdates logins are protected by military grade encryption for each and every login.
  2. We use firewalls and block malicious hacking attempts dynamically.

SimpleUpdates is reliable
  1. Our servers are located in a world class datacenter with 24x7 hands on support, ready to resolve any hardware issue.
  2. We utilize robust server Linux OS, with daily security updates.
  3. Our servers have RAID-5 disk and data redundancy.
  4. We have a dedicated server that handles our backups from within the data center, and it can even do a bare metal restore if needed.

Your website is very customizable
  1. You can incorporate any design into SimpleUpdates.
  2. You will have complete control of the CSS and layout.
  3. You can have an unlimited number of people helping you edit your site, and you can give precise permissions on what each person can access.
  4. We have a variety of tokens that will make your work easier. Tokens are like script pointers that are replaced with content from the site, like a list of new articles, a photo gallery, or calendar items.

Not only do we provide a solid platform, but we back it up with personalized support
  1. Unlike most open source projects, where you get a collection of scripts, and have to trust your luck with a web search for help, SimpleUpdates makes your website progress an easy turn key solution.
  2. We set your site up, enable your email through Google Email, offer training materials and optional live phone training.
  3. Our support staff is located in our corporate offices in Southwest Michigan. We will not send you to India to talk to someone who does not know about your site.
  4. We hold live training events around the country that are free for all to attend.

SimpleUpdates is easy & fun to use
  1. Our simple graphical editor will make editing your site as simple as using a word processor.
  2. Rather than learning “How to make it work”, you can focus on “Getting things done.”
  3. The team approach allows the webmaster to focus on planning and deployment rather than being overwhelmed with being the sole gatekeeper, or bottle neck for adding content to the site.
  4. It is rewarding to see your efforts quickly deployed to your website audience.