A superior website begins with you


Need some inspiration? Here are projects we have worked on for our clients.

Michigan Conference

The Michigan Conference wanted a responsive website that looked professional and was a useful tool for their constituents. We designed a website for them with multi-section dropdowns and a carousel. The information reflows to fit any size device. 

Though the template responds nicely to changes in screen size, the content does not always respond well if it isn't formated correctly. One of our staff has gone directly to their office to train those that would be updating the site and also has done training over the phone. Through user accounts they can have several people working on different sections of the website at once but only have access to their assigned section.

Another feature that user accounts made possible was having different parts of the site to be accessible by different parts of their constituents. By using user accounts and the roles module they can control who has access to different parts of the website. Now sensitive reports can be posted that are only meant for one group and they don't have to worry about unauthorized access. Due to the size of this project it is still under construction, but we have some screenshots that you can see to get a little feel for the site.


AUAM.tv's site that we designed for them is colorful and responsive. This site empahsis is on video programming which was challenging to make them responsive. Tokens (a special code to insert content into your page.) were used to build some of the webpages so they would automatically update as new pages are added.

Builders of Faith

Builders of Faith is an internet teaching ministry for spreading the Gospel that has been seeking a solution for the increased cost of mailings. They wanted to move their Bible Study program to the web. In particular they wanted to know who took the Bible lessons, their score on it and restrict access to registered members.

Normally to create even a simple Bible Study Program would be quite costly. But, because of our built in user management and articles being stored in a database as a part of our cms, we were able to combine those components with a simple database and create a custom solution that fit the clients needs without breaking the bank. Articles that contain the studies are restricted to logged in users. The quizzes, at the end of the lessons, are autograded and, based on a passing score, a student will recieve the password for the next lesson.