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App Cost Calculator
You have a great idea for an App. Awesome! But, how much will it cost? We've put together some of the common options people have to decide about and combined them into a form that will help you get an idea of what that App could cost.

So, let's get started.

What kind of App are you looking for?
 iOS (Phone & iPad)
 Android & iOS

Will your app be free or a paid app?
 It will be Free 
 Yes, paid app
 Yes, in-app purchases
 I don't know

What kind of interface do you want?
 A standard interface
 A custom interface unlike anything out there
 I've seen it in an app or two
 I don't know

How will content get onto the app?
 Static (baked into the app)
 Content pulled from a SimpleUpdates CMS website
 Pulled from custom database API
 Updated from a legacy website / other CMS

Do you want social media integration? (Check all that apply)

Do you want people to be able to login within the app?
 Yes, using Facebook or Twitter login
 Yes, using Google Login
 Yes, using a custom server database
 I don't know

Do you want to sync app data across devices
 Yes, using iCloud (for iOS)
 Yes, using Dropbox
 Yes, using a custom solution off my website
 I don't know

Will your app have Mapping/GPS functionality?
 Have a location map
 Have many locations on a map
 Movement tracking (ie, Nike+)

Will you need us to create an app icon graphic?
 No, I have a designer