Themes are the framing or matting around your content. It is the structure of your site and makes up the look and feel. It wraps your content in all the design goodness that makes it pop. We offer several standard themes that you can choose from. If you imagine the layout with your images, the sky is the limit to how varied these themes can become. If you want a custom design we can help with that as well. Ask about our design services.

All themes are responsive, meaning your site will look great on on the desktop as well as on the mobile phone.


Banyan is a theme with a beautiful edge to edge hero image as its striking feature. You can customize the hero text printed on the image in the Theme Customizer. Note that the site navigation is at the top of the page. We have installed sample text and images into the Theme Customizer for the home collection, so that you can easily have a right image, and then below this there a left image with aligned text, and below that another image on the right with text. You can add as many items to the collection as you want, and the alternating layout is setup automagically!





Iris is a colorful theme with a banner on the home page where all of the page elements are colored with CSS. This means you can easily update this design to your site's colors using the Theme Customizer. A carousel is prominent on the home page, with carousel description on the left. There are also 3 sub links, easily editable in the Theme Customizer.





Gumwood is a theme with a lot of visual appeal. It includes a large carousel image at the top left of the home page with accompanying text to the right. Four editable, linkable subsection images display just below the carousel.





The Organic theme features a large home page image or carousel with an optional distressed edges effect around the edges. The images are easy to update in the theme collections.





The Obsidian theme has a dark header area for graphics, and a white area for the body copy text. The carousel has room for title and caption beside the image.





The Prairie theme has a consistent sized header on all pages of the site for a clean and simple look.





Spruce is a theme that allows for large header images that change as a carousel. The carousel text is displayed on the image, and this is easily customized in the collection editor. There are four sub links, and you can simply upload an image and the system will turn it into a circle for you. These images, titles, and links are all editable in the collection editor.





The Willow Theme uses a colored header area with carousel and home buttons to the right of the carousel.