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The legacy version of SimpleUpdates CMS has been replaced by our v3 software. The legacy CMS software we built long ago is based on server software that is no longer supported on the Internet. At the end of this year, that old version of PHP software will stop getting security updates. Since security is one of our top priorities, we are requiring all legacy websites to upgrade to the new CMS (v3). Unfortunately, this is not a click the button, but rather it is a copy and paste process. If there is a silver lining, it is that your site will truly be updated by not migrating out-of-date content, and your theme will be responsive. Your site will have all the new features SimpleUpdates v3 offers. The new CMS has been completely re-written, with Drag and Drop ease of use, and is head and shoulders above other CMS options out there. If you want a quick overview, take a look at the 2 min video on SimpleUpdates.com.


All v2 sites that are going to upgrade using SimpleUpdates must start the upgrade process by August 28.

You can call (269-473-3687) or or email us and we will help you along in any way possible. We have been using v3 for the several years, and are excited to share it with you as well! Customers tell us it is completely new, and much easier to use.


The trial says it is for 14 days, and we will extend the trial and you will not be billed for two sites while you migrate content to the new platform. If you need, we will also offer you 4 hrs of content migration help, or consultation at no charge.


In December of 2018, we will be working through the sites list and deleting sites that have not yet migrated to the new version.


If you are unsure of your upgrade status, please contact us!


Darryl Hosford, President

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